Mijokum is the pioneer of hydro-metallurgy in Pakistan. It has developed in-house technology in the fields of Leaching, Solvent Extraction and Electro-wining of copper. We have vertically integrated processing from indigenous ore to metal. Mijokum has also developed diluents which made it the only company in the world to synthesize its own diluents of different grades for Solvent Extraction of Copper.

We manufacture Copper Cathodes of 99.9% purity (Electrolytic Grade) from ore mines based in Baluchistan. These cathodes are then used in the wire and cable industry to produce copper wire rod.

Mijokum has proudly demonstrated the technology of making Copper Cathodes from copper bearing waste materials. This provides a vital environmental service to the country. We are also conducting research to manufacture high purity Copper and Nickel salts. Our Eletro-refining unit is also underway to produce Electrolytic Grade Copper from blister copper.

Copper Cathode 99.9% (Eletrolytic Grade)