Safety, Health & Environment

Ensuring health and safety is the duty of everyone at Mijokum and it is a responsibility that the management takes seriously.

Excellence in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) is a priority for Mijokum and we aim to meet all legislative requirements in these areas. We are constantly creating a culture that reinforces our SHE objectives in order to minimize the impact our business has on local people and environments.

Efficiency is central to our business. As a producer of petrochemicals the efficiency of our processes has an impact on our profitability. We have a focus on reducing energy and materials inputs and a priority to minimize waste. This helps us to minimize costs as well as reduces environmental impacts.

Our approach to safety focuses on three key areas:

  • Process Safety, which involves continuous improvements in existing manufacturing processes as well as designing new processes
  • Behavioural Safety, which involves promoting a safety culture amongst all our employees to ensure that Mijokum is a safe place to work
  • Product Safety, which involves ensuring that our products and by-products are handled, stored, transported and disposed responsibly.

To find out more about our SHE policies please contact our SHE officer here.