Pressroom Chemicals

Mijokum manufactures world class Pressroom Chemicals for the offset printing and packaging industry. Our range of Blanket Washes, Fountains Solutions and Plate Cleaners may be used in sheet fed presses manufactured by Heidelberg, Baldwin, Komori, KBA, Man Roland and Mitsubishi.


(Aliphatic blanket and roller wash for automatic and manual use)

MIJOWASH FG(AUTO) is a highly effective, water miscible blanket & roller wash. It is water miscible & when used in conjunction with water it will quickly remove ink & lint, leaving blankets & rollers with an ink receptive surface. MIJOWASH FG(AUTO) is suitable for automatic washing systems & manual application. Zero aromatics content combined with corrosion inhibition make this advanced automatic wash suitable for Heidelberg, Manroland, Komori and other manufacturers’ specifications.

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(Aggressive blanket cleaner and conditioner for manual use)

Blanket Conditioner is used for intensive cleaning & conditioning of blankets. The product features a strong cleaning action & removes hardened ink and embedded pigments in one easy step.
It creates a velvety clean surface for excellent sheet release and restores blanket to like-new condition. This product is formulated to be used only as a blanket wash for offset lithography.

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(Premium sheet-fed fount to be used with all high-speed sheet-fed presses)

MIJOFOUNT solution specific for continuous damping systems, may be used too on conventional damping systems for sheet fed offset presses. This formulation provides a high pH locking power between 4.5 to 4.8 values, depending on dilution % & salts content in water. Decreases surface tension, allowing for alcohol savings in a significant percentage or even completely; while still sustaining good print definition & no ink build up nor delays in ink drying.

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(Efficient cleaner and desensitizer to clean and activate printing plates)

Plate cleaner is an efficient cleaner and desensitizer for use on all types of printing plates exposed in a process. All ink, gum glaze, paper coating and oxidation residues are removed leaving non-image areas clean and desensitized. Plate imperfections such as scratches can be corrected as Plate Cleaner does not contain abrasives or scouring

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(Universal wash with Aromatic & Aliphatic solvents)

GORILLA WASH is a powerful, water miscible blanket & roller wash used for all offset printing applications. It is a powerful cleaner and degreaser. It is water miscible & will quickly remove ink, gum and paper contaminants, leaving blankets & rollers with an ink receptive surface. GORILLA WASH is suitable for manual application.

Gorilla wash is a CFC – free product.

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Swelling agent for minor damages (indentations) on the rubber blanket surface

Blanketlift will swell an indented spot on the blanket to raise it to printing height. Indentations create an uneven printing surface causing the print to come out too light. Use of Blanketlift will swell the spot and correct the problem.

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NewsFount Ultra

(Premium web fount to be used with all high-speed web presses)

NewsFount Ultra is a fountain solution concentrate for web offset presses (coldset and heatset). It incorporates a strong buffer system and maintains a stable pH.  It has been designed to run with soft to medium hardness waters. NewsFount Ultra offers excellent protection for all plates, including CtP plates. Newsfount Ultra achieves a thin and even film for effective wetting of the plate & ensures a good water/ink balance during the press run. It offers a good desensitizing action.

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(High Flash Distilled Solvent)

A safe and effective solvent for everyday use in industry with a flash point greater than 60°C.

Mijosol-60 is a solvent with a high flash point. It is distilled and pure and is a safer substitute to using kerosene in most industrial applications.

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