Mijokum – days of yore:


In 1982 at the crack of dawn a young engineer journeyed 55 kilometers to a low cost piece of land which he envisioned as his petrochemicals factory. He applied his education and knowledge to devise experiments and through consistent hard work succeeded in manufacturing high quality Mineral Turpentine (a petroleum solvent for the paint industry). This was the first big milestone for Mijokum!

His success caught the eye of large oil companies who kept dropping their prices in order to drive him out of business. But he perservered… This price war hugely benefited the paints industry in Pakistan throughout the 80s.

This young engineer is Yusuf Diwan – the founder of Mijokum. He had the strong will to turn his ideas into reality against all odds.

During the 90s, Mijokum had to grow through innovation and product development. Back then Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents were being produced by foreign petrochemicals companies and imported into Pakistan. We succeeded in manufacturing Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents that were of comparable quality to any multinational corporation.

Yusuf Diwan became the source of inspiration for the entire Mijokum family. He taught us “the only resource one needs is a strong will; the only capital one needs is knowledge; the only marketing tool one needs is exceptional quality.” Twenty five years later, we still live by these principles.

The influence of technology is growing by the minute and we at Mijokum are constantly investing in technical capabilities. Mijokum now houses five business units namely Specialty Solvents, Waxes, Emulsions & Cleaners, Hydro-Metallurgy and Toll Manufacturing. The company’s on-site laboratories ensure consistent quality and its customers receive valuable technical support from our experienced engineers and chemists.