Our People


Each of the 45 members of the Mijokum family contributes to the success of the company. The most junior member is given the same respect as the most senior member of our family.

Our management supports the workforce’s continuous development and professional growth. We have an entrepreneurial culture where we expect our members to think beyond their job description. We particularly value people who thrive in the freedom we provide to make the most of their creativity and drive.

As a private company we pride ourselves on being a lean organization. We avoid workplace politics and minimize hierarchy in order to give our members the freedom to take initiative. This helps us to be at the forefront of manufacturing and technology development. Ultimately this makes us efficient, agile and competitive.

We recruit and invest in people who fit with our culture. We have offer internships and trainee programmes for graduates. Our employees have access to on-site and off-site training programmes to develop the skills needed to drive our business and deliver great products and services to our customers.