Toll Manufacturing

Manufacturing has been the core competence of Mijokum for the last 25 years. We carry out assurance based manufacturing on toll or contract for customers. Our staff has expertise in handling all kinds of chemistries and products. We have developed our systems to ensure health, safety and security and we enter into confidentiality agreements to protect our customer’s intellectual property.

We have onsite laboratories, chemists and engineers who are able to ensure consistent quality and can also assist our customers in developing formulations and pilot testing.

The toll manufacturing expertise of the company lies in Aerosols, Liquid and Gas filling. We can fill Insecticides, Foams, Air-fresheners, Polishes, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Home Care Products and Technical Products. We can also offer our own formulations for these products and can work with the customer to customize a product.

Aerosol & Other Toll Manufacturing Service

# Product Description Brands Name
1 Insecticide Spray Insect and mosquito killer Like mortien, tyfon, baygon, kingtox etc.
2 EZ-50 provides lubrication and removes rust Like WD-40
3 CARBURETOR CLEANER For the cleaning of carbon from carburetors of automobiles and generators Car care item
4 DASHBOARD CLEANER AND SHINER To clean car dashboard and provide a glossy finish Car care item
5 TYRE SHINER Provides glossy finish to tyres Car care item
6 CAR SHAMPOO For the washing of cars, bike and other vehicles Car care item
7 WINDSHIELD CLEANER To clean the windshield of cars and other vehicles, works in cold areas and gives beading effect in rain Car care item
8 COOLANT Coolant for radiator of car and other vehicles Car care item
9 SHAVING FOAM shaving foam in spray cans Like Gillette shaving foam
10 HAIR SPRAY Hair spray for styling -
11 MOSQUITTO REPELLENT LOTION Mosquitto repellent lotion Like Mospel
12 Mosquito Coils Mosquito killer Like Tiger, Power Plus, Mortien

We also offer toll filling for liquids, powders and granules.

Mijokum holds its own Quality Management System and has also implemented Systems for our select customers


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